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See Ancient Coins Celtic Item Deals

5 Cents, 1927 S. United States Coin. Vf $14.99
Celtic Danube Bassin-pannonia Ar Tetradrachm $499.00
1865 Pattern Half Dime H10c J-420 Pf66 Rb Ngc $11275.00
Iltirta (spain), Iberian As After 104 Bce -scarce- $80.00
Huge (41mm, 16.9g.) Celtic Ring Money, Ca. 800-500 Bc $45.00
1700's Coin Voc New York Penny Dutch Duit Us Colonial $0.99
U. S. Coins 1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime Very Good $25.00
1835 Capped Bust Half Dime. Grades At Fine. $79.99
Celtic, Danube Region. Oltenia Type. 2nd Century Bc $249.00
Ancient Coin : Diameter 16 Mm $0.95
Celtic Balkan Peninsula Ar Tetradrachm $699.00
Celtic Remi Electrum Quarter Stater $299.00
Ancient Celtic Tetradrachm 2nd - 1st Bc Coin Vf $179.99
Celtic Potin Coin Senones Tribe In Gaul 50 B.c. $24.00
1831 Bust Half Dime Choice Extra Fine $175.00
Celtic . Eselohr Type. Imitaion Of Philip Ii $164.49
Iberian Celtiberian Coin Of Emporiai Spain 1-2 Cent Bc $34.00
Celtic Corieltauvi Gold Stater "south Ferriby Type" $1999.00
New Hcdj Later Roman Britain 60 Pix Barbarians Celts $34.99
Celtic Atrebates And Regni Gold Stater $1599.00
Dansco Supreme Album Half Dimes 1794-1873 New $28.95
Celtic Gauloise Probably Biturigues Or Cavarii Tribe $29.99
United States 1853 Half Dime Coin With Arrows $150.00
Allen Lovejoy Dimes, Prominent Collector Half Dimes $4.99
1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime-bu Cond $225.00
1854 W Arrows Liberty Seated 1 2 Dime In Good Condtion $12.95
United States - 5 Cents 1888 Km# 112, Key Date $9.50
Celtic Remi Electrum Quarter Stater $299.00
1834 Capped Bust Half Dime Fair Damaged $35.00
20 Ancient Chinese Song Dynasty Coins ( 960-1127 Ad) $9.99
Iberian Celtaberian Coin Of Obulco 2nd Cent. B.c. $38.00
1833 Capped Bust Half Dime Vf $110.00
Celtic Silver Coin Imitating Greek Coin Of Philip Ii $162.50
Huge Rare Ribbed Celtic Ring Money, 5th-1st C. Bc $65.00
Celtic Bronze Ring Proto-money From France $2.00
Ce-fkqp - Celtic - North West Gaul, Aulerci Diablintes $745.00
Istros Celtic Danube 700bc Proto-money "greek" Coinrare $130.00
Great (1.55",11.8g.) Bronze Ancient Celtic Ring Money $35.00
Ce-jupb - Celtic - Malaga (hispanien Malaca) Ae 17 $220.00
Authentic Celtic Ring Money, 800-500 Bc, Danube Area $16.00
Rare Iberian Celtaberian Coin Of Obulco 2nd Cent. B.c. $30.00
1853 - Seated Half Dime Xf - Full Face And Ear. $76.99
Celtic Britain Durotriges Av Stater "chute Type" $1299.00
Lot Of 12 Celtic Coins Rouelle Rouelles $49.99
Genuine Ancient Roman Britannia Bronze Ring Ad300 $99.99
U.s. 1845 Silver Half Dime Coin Xf $160.00
Persuader Inn - Psy Op's - Vietnam War, Token Coin - 5c $4.77
1856 Seated Liberty Half Dime -bu Cond $275.00
New Hcdj Myths & Legends Of Germany Pix 378pgs $27.99
Ce-dbud Celtic N. E. Gaul, Baiocasses Electrum Stater $695.00
10 Ancient Celtic Bronze Ring Money_over 2000 Years Old $7.50
Celtic Gallo-belgic Gold Quarter Stater Geometric Type $699.00
Silver Celtic Coin Imitating Phillip Ii Of Macedon 2320 $23.20
1834 Capped Bust Half Dime Ef Lightly Cleaned $140.00
Big Ancient Iberian Coin Of Castulo 2nd To 1st Cent.bc $38.00
Celtic 800bc Ancient Ring Money Proto Coin Lot Of 15 $49.99
Celtic Britain Corieltauvi Av Stater $1999.00
1862 Seated Half Dime -au W Some Small Surface Marks $79.99
United States - 5 W Out Cents 1883 Ms 64, Km# 111 $300.00
Ribbed (1,47", 14.4g) Celtic Ring Money, 5th-1st C. Bc $52.00
1829 Capped Bust Half Dime Anacs Au58 $250.00

See Ancient Coins Celtic Item Deals

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