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See Antique Books and Manuscripts European Books Item Deals

Grand Album De L'exposition Universelle 1867 - Antique Book With 150 Engravings $119.00
Rare 1934 Tyl Ulenspiegl Limited Edition Illustrated Book By Charles De Coster $45.99
1497 Hand Colored Nuremberg Chronicle Leaf Woodcuts Ancient Mediterranean World $69.00
#1288 Greece November 1908. Monthly Magazine Meleti [study] $8.00
Huge Medieval Liturgy Music Manuscript Leaf On Vellum,hndpt.initials,c.1490 $99.99
Hesiodi Ascraei Quae Extant 1613 Daniel Heinsius 2 Volumes Fine Leather Binding $34.65
Antiquitez-memorables Et Diocese D'orleans 1645 Has Text Deleted In 2nd Edition $28.00
1713 Book Of Common Prayer London John Baskett Leather Rare $100.00
Antique 1818 German Book Poetry Balladen Und Romanzen Edited Fridriech Rassmann $10.00
Supplement To The Book Of Letters Written By Reeve And Muggleton 1831 Edition $40.00
E. Donovan's Natural History (birds, Fishes,...) - 24 Volumes. 900 Nice Plates $15.99
Incunabula Leaf Paris 1512? $9.99
Incunabula 1482 Bible Leaf " 2 Kings" Biblia Sacra Johann Amerbach $15.99
1727 Liber Dramaticus Auctore Gabriel Francisco Antique Vellum Binding Book $139.99
Incunabula Illustrated Leaf Venetian 1510? $9.99
1581 Lives Of Saints Antique Vellum Bound Folio Book Printed In Venice $699.99
C1490 Illuminated Bible Antiphonary Psalms Elephant Folio Manuscript Catholic $2750.00
1788-oeuvres Completes De J.j.rousseau 38 Fine Original Tree Calf Leather Bindng $236.50
Incunabula Leaf Unknown Printer Papal Biographies $5.99
The Histories Of The Popes Written By The Antipope Anastasius $1000.00
1698 Antique Leather Bound History Of England Book, Vol. 1 $549.99
Incunabula Leaf "legatus" Summa Angelica 1489 $5.99
Circa 1825 Illuminated Ottoman Koran Leaf Lot (3) Constantinople Turkish Islam $12.00
1640 Elephant Folio Antiphonary Gregorian Chant Music Plainchant Trinitatis $18.99
Incunabula Leaf Petrus Lombardus Venice 1477 $9.99
Incunabula Bible Leaf Solomon 1480? $15.99
300 Yr Old Illuminated Ottoman Koran Leaf Multi-colored Script Turkey Islamic $14.99
Large Antique 1800's German Leather Covered Illustrated Bible $59.99
1475 Large Ottoman Koran Leaf Magnifcent Bold Script Constantinople Turkey $50.00
Incunabula Leaf"excommunicatio..." Summa Angelica 1489 $5.99
1685 Bible Gospel Commentary Leather Binding Book By Cornelii Ianseni $269.99
1747 Machiavelli The Prince History Florence Vellum English Philosophy Italian $675.00
1543 L. Fuchs - Wood Sorrel - Original Folio Large Handcol Woodcut $39.99
1957 Landshut Germany Original Photo Journal Ice Rink Landshut Skaters Us Army $9.95
1791 2 Volumes Of Antique Theology Books By Stephanus Wiest $64.00
1475 Illuminated Koran Leaf Rare Bihari Text Spectacular Sura & Border Medallion $102.00
Incunable Leaf. A Leaf From The First Edition Of The Famed Nuremberg Chronicle $41.00
634 Yr Old Manuscript Medieval Breviary Vellum Latin Paris France Monastery $149.00
Cathedrals & Churches Of England & Wales 1885 Fully Illustrated Antique Book $59.99
Dante Alighieri Dante's Inferno Antique Book Illustrated By Gustave Dore Folio $89.99
Incunable Leaf. Aquinas, Catena Aurea Super Quattuor Evangelistas. $86.00
1735 Large Antique Latin Religious Book W Vellum Binding Folio Bible Commentary $649.99
Medieval Illuminated Manuscript Book Of Hours Leaf C1420 Large Initial, Border $699.99
1758 Leather Poetry Book London Printed By J. Hughs Volume 1 Of 6 Illustrations $30.00
Incunabula Handpainted Leaf "exempla" 1494 $12.99
1828 British Illustrated Holy Bible Antique Book $67.99
17th C, Antiphonal Leaf Vellum Illuminated Manuscript Rare Bible Catholic $295.00
1748 Vitae Pontificum Romanorum Latin Language Vellum Binding Book $199.99
#1290 Greece February 1908. . Monthly Magazine Meleti [study] $8.00

See Antique Books and Manuscripts European Books Item Deals

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