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See Antiquities Egyptian Item Deals

Zurqieh -sc139 - Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Faience Thoth Amulet 600 B.c $68.00
Bonhams , Antiquities , 28 October 2009 , London , Egyptian , Roman , European $0.99
Zurqieh - (o) Affordable Ancient Egyptian Ushabti , 600 B.c , Shabti , 11.4 Cm $75.00
Zurqieh -sc130 - Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Ptah Amulet 600 B.c $39.99
Ancient Egyptian Openwork Wedjat Eye Of Horus Amulet 5th-1st Century B.c. $79.32
3" Antique Egyptian Etched Copper Brass Power Pyramid Ancient Egypt King Tut $20.50
3 Ancient Egyptian Different Faience And Pottery Amulets $79.32
Ancient Egyptian Ushabti Shabti Upper Fragment Kingdom 1292-1069 Bc Ramesside $242.81
More Than A Hundred 2500 Year Old Ancient Egyptian Faience Mummy Beads (c7220) $1.25
Zurqieh -sc127 - Huge Ancient Egyptian Faience Wedjat Eye Of Horus , 1000 B.c $350.00
Wow Painted Bowl From The Early Bronze Age 3000bc Authentic Ancient Archaeolgy $51.00
400 B.c Ancient Egypt Ptolemaic Period.xxx Dynasty Terracotta Necklace Bead Set $33.99
Egyptian Faience Ushabti Shabti Inscribed With Hieroglyphs $400.00
Aton - Authentic Ancient Egyptian Pateikos Amulet (bi24) $37.23
Ancient Roman Egypt Glass Patella Cup Fragment, 1st Cent B.c, 1st Cent A.d. $39.99
Necklace Of Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom Beads Circa 1200-1000 B.c. $29.14
Ancient Roman Egypt Glass Vessel Fragment, 1st Century B.c, 1st Century A.d. $24.99
2343 B.c Egypt Old Kingdom.vi Dynasty Blue Faiance.eye Of Horus Amulet Pendant $23.47
Imhotep Of Egypt Vintage Replica Statue Age Unknown Maker Unknown $112.50
Bonhams , Antiquities , 29 April London $0.99
Pc2004uk Lot Of 2 Antique Coptic Egyptian Carnelian Beads Genuine 243f $1.75
Bb - Original "egyptian - A Very Rare Shabti Book Must Have For All Collectors $18.62
Ancient Egyptian Faience Shabti Ushabti Statue Figure - 664 Bc $95.00
Ancient Egyptian Statue $99.00
50 Ancient Faience Egyptian Mummy Beads Discs 600 Bc #dg50 $9.95
Ancient Egyptian Faience Shabti. Excellent Colour Ushabti From Time Of Cleopatra $66.37
Zurqieh -sc112 - Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Faience Scarab 600 B.c $24.99
Egyptian "mummy" Bead Necklace, Circa Prior To 600 Bc. $134.93
Zurqieh -sc118 - Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Faience Wedjat Amulet 600 B.c $22.99
Authentic Ancient Egyptian Scarab With Hieroglyphs 2nd Millenium Bc. $42.09
Egyptian Decorative Brass Aladdin Lantern Lamp Scarab Isis Hieroglyphic Egypt $25.96
Zurqieh - Ancient Egypt - 600 - 300 B.c , Faience Amulet Of Patiakos $1100.00
Zurqieh- Exteremly Rare Ancient Egyptian Ushabti , Hieroglephs In Laid 1000 B.c $475.00
Zurqieh- Inscribed With Hieroglephs Large Ancient Ushabti 600 B.c . $165.00
30 Ancient Egyptian Mummy Faience Beads 600bc $3.70
1 Ancient Egyptian Agate Bead Egypt Very Rare Top $29.90
Ancient Roman Egypt Glass Bowl Rim Fragment, 1st Cent B.c, 1st Cent A.d. $29.99
Nile Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet Faience Mummy Bead Necklace Ca 1200 Bc $140.00
Aton - Suberb Genuine Ancient Egyptian Hartstone Scarab C. 1000 Bc (at05) $428.96
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Glazed Shabti Figurine Ushabti 027143 $728.42
Ancient Egyptian Ushabti 600 B.c Nice Faience With Clear Hieroplyphs Stunning $364.13

See Antiquities Egyptian Item Deals

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