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See Antiquities Far Eastern Item Deals

Pumtek Bead, 19th Century And Before, Original Fossil Palmwood, Burma. 0281 $45.00
Indus Valley Pottery Bird Fertility Mother Goddess Figure - 3500 Bc $53.00
Titanic Of The East Tek Sing Shipwreck Salvaged Chinese Blue & White Bowl - 1822 $25.00
Antique Hoi An Hoard Shipwreck Salvaged Bird Jarlet Vase - 1450 Ad $45.00
Medieval Antique Post Khmer Pottery Sukhothai Figure - 1400 Ad $33.00
Medieval Ming Dynasty Hoi An Hoard Shipwreck Salvaged Peony Jarlet - 1450 Ad $75.00
Medieval Shipwreck Cream Vase Salvaged From The Hoi An Hoard - 1450 Ad $4.55
Old Chinese Wooden Abacus Counting Beads Cultural Revolution Period Not A Repro $75.00
Shipwreck Salvaged Titanic Of The East Tek Sing Chinese Wetland Bowl - 1822 Ad $33.00
Antique Chinese Tek Sing Shipwreck Salvaged Blue & White Bowl - 1822 Ad $40.00
Beautiful Antique Chinese Soapstone Libation Cup $7.50
Officially Recorded & Excavated Hoi An Ming Brush Pot - 1450 Ad $19.95
Two Ancient Chinese Sancai Tang Dynasty Tea Bowls - 706 Ad $22.72
Shipwreck Salvaged Antique Chinese Tek Sing Flower Cup - 1822 Ad $35.00
Rare Pumtek Bead, 19th Century Or Before, Original Fossil Palmwood, Burma.(0282) $100.00
Shipwreck Salvaged Antique Chinese Flower Plate From The Tek Sing - 1822 Ad $1.25
Beautiful Ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty Glazed Pottery Bactrian Camel - 706 Ad $14000.00
45mm Pumtek Bead, 19th Century And Before, Fossil Palmwood, Burma. (0275) $1200.00
Antique Chinese Ming Dynasty Terracotta Pottery Attendant Figure - 1450 Ad $950.00
Ancient Chinese Song Dynasty Ceramic Bird Antique Vase Lid - 900 Ad $1.25
Medieval Shipwreck Salvaged Hoi An Hoard Wealth Rice Cup - 1450 Ad $15.05
Ancient Chinese Wei Dynasty Pottery Buddha Shrine - 439 Ad $153.50
Antique Chinese Tek Sing Shipwreck Salvaged Floral Bowl - 1822 Ad $50.00
Antique Chinese Ca Mau Shipwreck Artifact Scholar Porcelain Plate - 1723 Ad $41.00
Medieval Shipwreck Salvaged Frank Pope Dragon Sea Hoi An Hoard Brush Pot -1450ad $6.50
Antique Chinese Shipwreck Salvaged Tek Sing Symbols Bowl - 1822 Ad $40.00

See Antiquities Far Eastern Item Deals

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