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See Antiquities Holy Land Item Deals

18th C Brass Hanging Oil Lamp $179.00
Ancient Herodian Oil Lamp From The Holy Land,terracotta $150.00
Ancient Holy Land Clayflask 100ad .nr $55.00
Judaea Iron Age Gerah Bronze Rare - Weight 7-9cen. Bc. $49.99
Ancient Holy Land Pottery Painted Bowl In & Out Nice $179.00
Shroud Of Turin, Vail Of Odessa, Cloth Collectable $29.99
Passover Plate $50.00
Bronze Age Holy Land Wine Jug Oenochoe Pottery Vessel $600.00
Bronze Coin Agrippa Ii King Of Judea Archaeology $150.00
Judaea : Byzantine Amulet Aramic Letters , Judaeans ? $39.99
Antique 19thc 2┬╝ct Bavarian Spessart Noahs Ark Myth Gem $179.99
New Secrets Of The Holy Grail Druid Knights Templar Pix $25.99
Roman Aelia Capitolina Antonius Pius Archaeology Coin $180.00
Ancient Holy Land Pottery E.b.a. Huge Dipping Cup $225.00
Eilat Copper From Mines Of King Solomon Circa 970 B.c. $4.99
Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry Icon Mother Mary Jesus $9.95
Ancient Roman Period Oil Lamp From The Holy Land $150.00
Hasmonean Bronze Coin Mattathias Antigonus Archaeology $120.00
The First 4000 Years: The Ratner Collection Of Judean A $12.00
Judaea Bronze Weight - 2.61gram. 4.5 Gerah 7-8cen.bc. $89.99
Ancient Roman Bronze Ring With Bold Linear Design $45.00
Wow Roman Glass Jar 1ooad Authentic Israel $145.00
Domitian Bronze Coin Judaea Capta Archaeology $180.00
Iron Age Kanaanite Bronze Shekel Weight Judaea W11 $129.99
Ancient Byzantine Period Oil Lamp From The Holy Land $165.00
Local (palestine) Steatite Scarab Archaeology $85.00
Judaea Christian Terracotta Oil Lamp With Cross 4-5cen. $69.99
Antique Ancient Large Bronze Statue: Christian Saints $1850.00
Crusader Lead Token Plomb Decorations $14.99
New Hcdj Ancient Canaanites Israel Syria Egypt 124 Pix $38.99
Crusader Silver Coin Baldwin Iii Jerusalem Archaeology $170.00
Everyday Life In Bible Times Hcdj 500 Pix 448pg Natlgeo $29.99
Lead. Cock, Rooster Christian Symbol Of Jesus $59.99
Kanaanite Terracotta Spindle Whorl Weight Judaea $19.99
Ancient Roman Bronze Ring Eye Shaped Setting And Design $65.00
Jerusalem 1842 - Hagada For Passover- Rare Book Judaica $12500.00
Ancient Holyland Iron Age Oil Lamp 1000bc (terracotta) $140.00
Phoenicia Bronze Weight 9-7 Century Bc. From Judaea $34.99
Early Christian Piligrim Palmer Holy Water Amulet $169.99
Exquisite Ancient Holyland Artifact Ram Heads Pendant $999.99
Byzantine Oil Lamp From The Holy Land, 3-6c Ad $85.00
Local (palestine) Semi Precious Stone Seal Archaeology $520.00
Time Of Jesus, Judean-roman Herodian Flask Vase 30ad $95.00
Antiochus Vii Jerusalem Ancient Coin Archaeology $45.00
Ancient Roman Bronze Ring With Triangular Design $60.00
Roman Glass Necklace Pendant Israeli Silver Jewellery $67.50
Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry Icon The Nativity Of Christ $9.60
Zoomorphic Large Bronze Monkey Head Weight, Rare $620.00

See Antiquities Holy Land Item Deals

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