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See Antiquities Near Eastern Item Deals

Antique Islam Engraved Ethnic Middle Eastern Jewelry Ring Lapis Lazuli Gemstone $18.50
Persia Achaemenid Silver Bracelet W RamsĀ“ Heads 6 5th Century Bc $27.55
Islamic Kufic Script Ring Uk M (unsure Of Date) $15.81
Rare Ancient Near Eastern Blue Glass Lampwork Fish Bead With Combed Detailing $47.48
Ancient Indus Valley Pottery Vessle 2800 1800 Bc Harappan $3.48
Bull Sculpture, Levantine Bronze Age Clay Over 3000 Years Old $300.00
Amulet, Levantine Bronze Age Bronze Over 3000 Years Old $250.00
Sc Choice Nishapur Islamic Caligraphic Pottery Jar , 10th Ad $595.00
Ancient Near Eastern Scythian Zoomorphic Animal Mount - C.4th Century B.c $174.08
Ritual Vessel, Levantine Stone Over 3000 Years Old $150.00
Gaming Piece, Medieval Bronze Over 500 Years Old $150.00
Sc Fine Elamite Bronze Battle Axe, 2nd Mill. Bc, #1 $199.00
Amulet, Luristan Bronze Over 2000 Years Old $750.00
Sassanian Near Eastern Crystal Seal Amulet Of A Mythical Horse Beautiful Example $33.23
Rolling Stamp, Levantine Bronze Age Stone Over 3000 Years Old $150.00
Islam Antique Islamic Ring Horse Engraved Ethnic Middle Eastern Turquoise Ring $15.00
Ancient Persian Near Eastern Bronze Age Pottery Jug - 1000 Bc $245.00
A Beautifully Vintage Near Eastern Carnelian Stone Seal Pendant $1.57
Ancient Persian Near Eastern Bronze Age Arrow Head Weapon - 1200 Bc $59.00
Ancient Islamic Nishapur Glazed Pottery Bowl Iran 9th - 10th Century Ad $795.00
A Beautifully Vintage Near Eastern Stone Seal Pendant $1.57
Ancient Indus Valley Pottery Drinking Cup 2800 1800 Bc Harappan $123.44
Ancient Near Eastern Early Iron Age Iron & Bronze Sword - 900 Bc $5500.00
Ancient Luristan Bronze Fetish Idol Column C. 1000 Bc $451.01

See Antiquities Near Eastern Item Deals

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