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See Antiquities South Italian Item Deals

Antique 19thc 3ct Sapphire Ancient Celt Roman Sorcery $179.99
Vintage Italian Florentine Florentia Blue & Gold Candlestick Candle Holder $19.99
Authentic Men's White Gucci Belt With Interlocking Gold G Buckle Size 90cm(30-32 $170.00
Antique Cheese Grater $20.00
Cherub Antique Carved Wood Polychrome Putti Painted Carving Religious Art Decor $2500.00
1826 Voc Duit Colonial Us Coin Dutch Netherlands Indies 1 8 Stuivers #63 $0.99
19thc 1 2 3ct Aquamarine Ancient Greek Mariner Talisman Sterling Ring $199.99
Antique 19thc 2 3ct Sapphire Gem Of Ancient Rome Persia Sorcery Oracles Prophecy $169.99
18thc Antique ½ct Tourmaline Ancient Roman Greek “topaz Emerald” Gem Of Rainbows $69.99
Legionnaire's Amulet 19thc Antique 2 1 2ct Tigers Eye Gem Sterling Pendant $49.99
Big 14 X 9 Inch 19 Th Original Italy Albarello Apotheke Farmacia Pharmacy Antic $288.00
Antique 18thc Garnet Greek Roman Blood Amulet Gemstone Earrings $169.99
Antique 19thc 2 3ct Sapphire Ancient Gemstone Of Saturn Gemstone $99.99
Ancient Apulian South Italian Pottery Lekanis C. 4th To 3rd Century Bc $1200.00
Antique 19thc Red-orange Padparadsha Spinel Medieval Europe’s Crown Earrings $69.99
Antique Italian Spoon & Fork Old Art Collection $99.00
Ancient South Italian Apulian Oinochoe Magna Graecia Ca. 350 B.c. $2800.00
Forvm Southern Italy Magna Graecia Pottery Lekthos 4th Century Bc Choice $230.00
Antique 19thc 2 1 2ct Sapphire Ancient Celt Roman Sorcery Gem $99.99
Antique Christian Medallion Circa 1891 $25.00
19thc Antique 2ct Citrine Scotland Ancient Biblical Hebrew Gem Roman Greek Magic $79.99
Elegant Handcrafted Bronze Crystal Chandelier $2500.00
2 Antique 19thc Handcut Topaz Medieval Gem Of Long Life Earrings $39.99
19thc Antique ½ct Sapphire Gem Of Ancient Roman Saturn God Of Abundance Sorcery $159.99
Vtg Italian Florentine Florentia Flemish School Flowers Hand-made Wood Frame Old $39.99
Vintage Italian Florentine Florentia Miniature Wood Art Frame W Romantic Lovers $29.99
2 Antique 19thc Emerald Nero's Ancient Rome Favorite Earrings $99.99
Forvm Greek South Italian Black Glaze Mastoid Bowl 3rd Century Bc Ex Malloy $345.00
2 Antique 19thc Aquamarine Ancient Mariner’s Talisman Gemstones $29.99
Rare ½ct Antique 19thc Demantoid Garnet Ancient Greek Roman Celt Persian Amulet $249.99
Antique 19thc 1 3 4ct Star Sapphire Ancient Roman Sorcery Gemstone Sterling Ring $239.99
Celt Roman Sunshine 18thc Antique Scotland 1½ct Citrine Gemstone $69.99
Legionnaire's Amulet 19thc Antique 1¾ct Tigers Eye Gem $22.99
Antique 18thc 2ct Garnet Greek Roman Blood Amulet Gemstone $89.99
Antique 19thc 1 3ct Blue-lilac Sapphire Ancient Celt Roman Sorcery Gemstone $89.99
Antique 19thc 1 1 3ct Raspberry Red Tourmaline Ancient Roman Gem $179.99
2 Antique 19thc Sapphire Ancient Roman Persian Sorcery Gemstone $28.99
Ancient Apulian Portrait Lekythos Magna Graecia Ca. 5th-3rd Century B.c. $4800.00
Antique 18thc 1½ct Yellow Tourmaline Ancient Greek Roman “emerald” Rainbow Gem $69.99
Antique Canister(sugar) $26.79
Tea Bag Plate Holder Shaped As Teapot $2.99
Forvm Greek South Italian Black Glaze Bowl 3rd-2nd Century Bc Ex Malloy $311.00
Forvm Apulia Magna Graecia Black Glazed Bowl Mid 4th Cent Bc Intact Choice $230.00
Antique Antiquities 1780 Rare Duit Voc Us New York Penny Colonial Coin #l $0.99
Forvm Greek Magna Graecia 5¼ Inches Oinochoe 4th-3rd Century Bc Choice $437.00
Antique 1850’s Italian Italy Hand Carved Torre Del Greco Sea Shell Cameo Silver $249.99
Antique 19thc Ruby Ancient Roman Celtic Magic Amulet Lightening Plague Evil 14kt $99.99
Antique 18thc ½ct Tourmaline 14ktgf Ancient Mythology Medieval Dutch Rainbow Gem $49.99
19thc Antique ½ct Siberia Tourmaline Ancient Greek Roman “topaz” Gem Of Rainbows $99.99
Ancient Apulian Epichysis Magna Graecia Ca. 5th-3rd Century B.c. $2500.00

See Antiquities South Italian Item Deals

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