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See Bead Art Kits, Instructions Item Deals

New French Milled Sculpted Soap Crown $9.99
Olive Oil Lotion-one Gallon-great Deal $18.00
Melt And Pour Crystal White Glycerin Soap - 8 Lbs. $24.00
Nip Mill Hill 2007 Bead Autumn Harvest Ii Kit- $2.99
Lot Of 48 Pink Glycerin Soap Base Cakes Rounds $11.99
Bead Mat - Beading Work Surface 8 X 8 Inches $2.99
Eggs In A Nest Ring Copper Wire Wrap Bird Nest Jewelry $8.99
Folk Necklace Kit Country Kids New W Craft Materials $0.99
(8oz) New Christmas Scents Candle-soap Fragrance Oil $4.75
Cowboy Christmas Leathercraft Tree Ornament $1.00
Goat's Milk Melt And Pour Soap Base-2 Pounds-natural $1.99
15 Lb. Goat Milk Rebatching Soap Base Oatmeal W Shea $49.99
Glycerin Soap Base Aloe Vera 4 Lb Melt & Pour Natural $11.96
Glycerin Soap Base White 2 Lb. Melt And Pour Natural $5.58
Full Persian Bracelet Tutorial Instructions Kit New S C $9.99
Glycerin Soap Base Shea Butter 4 Lbmelt & Pour Natural $12.96
Nip Mill Hill 1991 Bead Autumn Harvest Kit - Witch $0.99
Walco Vintage Angel Ornament Kit - 1971 Nip $6.99
Soy Whip Body Butter-128 Oz $15.00
New Presto Pot Wax Melter For Candle & Soap Making $43.99
5 Lbs Premium Glycerine Melt And Pour Soap White $20.95
Melt And Pour Clear Suspension Goat Milk Shea Butter 8# $26.00
400 Christmas Foam Shapes - Christmas Crafts $7.95
Mill Hill New 2000 Bead Kit - Nip Bird Lovin Snowman $3.25
Soy Palm Home Grown Blend Wax-pillar Votive $70.00
Native Heritage Christmas Leathercraft Tree Ornament $1.00
S&s 15 Lb. Goat Milk Rebatching Soap Base W Shea $44.99
3 Day Sale- 8oz-candle-soap-burner Fragrance Oil $4.25 $4.25
New Mom Beaded Key Chain Craft Kit Mother's Day $0.99
New Patriotic Beaded Charm Bracelet Craft Kit $0.99
Glycerin Soap Base Goats Milk 2 Lbmelt And Pour Natural $5.98
Birdcage Chainmaille Mail Tutorial Kit Pink New Copper $12.99
Two Gallons Luxurious Lotion-great Deal $22.00
Melt And Pour Ultra Clear Glycerin Soap 8 Lbs. $24.00
Melt And Pour Clear, White, Goat Milk, Shea Butter 8 Lb $26.00
Glycerin Soap Base Clear 10 Lb. Melt And Pour Natural $27.90
1 2 Gal Natural Shampoo Base-organic,vegan Make Own New $0.99
New 1 Good Luck Beaded Charm Keychain Craft Kit $0.99
Black Widow Beaded Spider Kit (complete W Beads & Wire) $8.50
Mt. Rushmore Delica Bead Pattern $18.00
Melt And Pour Crystal Goat's Milk Glycerin Soap 8 Lbs. $26.00
2lbs - Melt And Pour White Glycerin Soap Base $6.00

See Bead Art Kits, Instructions Item Deals

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