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See Electronic Components Assemblies, EM Devices Item Deals

1pcs Iic I2c Twi Interface 1602 Yellow Serial Lcd Module Display For Arduino $5.50
1pcs Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Rs232 Ttl $8.58
2pcs Nrf24l01 2.4ghz Wireless Transceiver Module New $3.45
Ft232rl Usb To Serial Adapter Module Usb To 232 For Arduino $5.15
New 18f2550 Pic Usb Microcontroller Development Board Lcd Keypad Usb Cable. $32.00
1pcs Rs232 Ttl Hc-05 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module $5.20
1pcs 433mhz Rf Transmitter And Receiver Kit For Arduino Project $1.80
1pcs New 350m Distance Transmission Cc1101 Wireless Module 433m 2500 Nrf $3.36
Dc-dc 7-35v Step Down 1.25-30v Cc-cv Adjust Power Supply Module Lm2596 $1.25
1pcs Us-020 Ultrasonic Module Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Dc 5v $1.99
1pcs Sd Card Module Slot Socket Reader For Arduino Arm Mcu New $1.67
New Sensor Shield V5 V5.0 For Arduino Apc220 Bluetooth Analog Module Servo Motor $4.08
1pcs Pl2303 Usb To Rs232 Ttl Converter Adapter Module $1.73
4 Each Nos Pinlites Dip641r 7 Segment Incandescent Readouts W Decimal Point $59.99
2 Each Nos Pinlites Dip651r 7 Segment Incandescent Readouts W Decimal Point $29.99
Cinterion Mc35i Terminal Gsm Gprs Modem And Power Adapter Included $35.00
New 1602 16x2 Character Lcd Display Module Hd44780 Controller Blue Blacklight $2.21
1 Channel 5v Relay Module 30a High Power F Arduino Avr Pic Dsp Arm Sla-5vdc-sl-a $6.00
New Lm2596 Dc To Dc Step-down Adjustable Converter Adapter Power Module 1.5v-40v $1.48
Gems 43982 Level Indicator Nib $39.99
Pcb Push Drill Collet 1mm To 2mm Hand Tool For Dremel $5.99
2pcs Nrf24l01 2.4ghz Antenna Wireless Transceiver Module For Microcontr $3.45
1pcs 315mhz Rf Transmitter And Receiver Link Kit For Arduino Arm Mcu Wl $1.80
1pcs 1.23v-30v Dc-dc Buck Converter Step Down Module Lm2596 Power Supply Output $1.50
10pcs,lm2596 Dc-dc Adjustable Power Step-down Module New $14.18
1pcs Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Rs232 Ttl Hc-05 $5.68
1pcs Rs232 To Ttl Converter Module Com Serial Board Max232cse Transfer Chip $2.36
Nylon Round Spacer Assortment Kit, For M3 Screws, Plastic. Sku109001 $5.99
1pcs Usb 2.0 To Ttl Uart 6pin Module Serial Converter Cp2102 Stc Prgmr $2.36
1pcs Protoshield V3 Prototype Expansion Board For Arduino Mega $4.69
4 Each Nos Pinlites Dip640 7 Segment Incandescent Readouts $59.99
Fossil Ti Meta Watch Metawatch Digital Bluetooth Msp430 Android Smart Watch $60.00
1 Slim Digital Voltmeter 3.3v -17v Red Led Lithium Battery Vehicles Panel Meter $2.00
1602 Lcd Board Keypad Shield Blue Backlight For Arduino Duemilanove Robot $5.50
New Arduino Flame Sensor Detects Fire Wavelength 20-100cm $4.80
Ps-650ls Recahrgeable Spring Top Lantern Battery Ps650l $14.99
New Nice 1pcs Atmega2560-16au Board With Usb Cable For Arduino's Ide Mega 2560 $17.09
Audio Level Indicator, Power Level Indicator, Level Indicating Module Ka2284 $2.50
Rare Item - Xilinx Spartan3 Pci Express Development Kit - Working $62.00
Vicor Flatpac Model Vi-luo-cu 5 V 40amps 200 Watts $10.00

See Electronic Components Assemblies, EM Devices Item Deals

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